Although nowadays we have Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social media to inform each other about the latest facts, but there is still a demand of a newspaper that creates the opportunity to share more and more detailed information between our organizations. An answer to this demand is the CES Newsflash newsletter, which will be published 3 times a year.

The Flash is a newsletter for you, but about you as well. We would therefore ask every participating organization to send us on a regular basis information and/or pictures about your (regular) activities, camps, training, invitations to other scouts, celebrations, articles from your national newspaper, births or anything else that is worth mentioning. Send your pictures please as JPEG or likely and please not embedded in a Word file.

The CES flash can exist only with your information!
(The next deadline for sending in information/pictures is September 1st.)

Flash Newsletters of 2015:
Flash Newsletter 04/2015

Flash newsletter of 2014:
Flash Newsletter 01/2014
Flash Newsletter 02/2014
Flash Newsletter 10/2014